Building Services

If, after we’ve designed your place together, you want me to oversee the whole build, I can do that, too. I can get you quotes from different builders, hire them, pay them weekly, give them the builders plans I sketch-up so that, at each step of the way, they know the exactly where the window goes, how high off the ground it is, how high the counters are, how the closets are configured, where the lights and switches go etc…and send you photos and reports all the way along.

If you’re building on new land I can oversee the building of the cisterna and septic tank and make sure the gas tank and hot water heaters are well placed, too, of course.

Please contact me if you think we might be a good fit: tracey*** (the ***s are the @ symbol)

Drawings for the carpintero
Making sure the house is in the right spot...
Penthouse kitchen under construction…
I got the bricks for my house just a few minutes down the road from these guys 🙂
The house is going up….!
The stunning country road with flowering Tabachin and Bouganvillea